Author: Cindy

  • Drinking Aloe Vera Benefits

    Drinking Aloe Vera Benefits

    Before you begin drinking aloe vera juice, there are a few things you should know. First of all, it’s important to remember to drink the juice in small amounts. Once you become familiar with the taste and consistency of the juice, you can gradually increase the amount that you drink. You shouldn’t consume more than…

  • Cucumber and Celery Juice Benefits

    Cucumber and Celery Juice Benefits

    Vitamin A is found in cucumber and celery juices. It is also known as retinol. This vital vitamin is essential for healthy vision and development of newborn cells into functional tissues. It is also essential for expectant mothers as it promotes fetal growth. A single eight-quarter-inch cucumber provides about 316 IU of vitamin A, or…

  • Cranberry Juice Side Effects

    Cranberry Juice Side Effects

    There are many possible side effects of cranberry juice. These include: Diarrhea and Kidney stones, gastritis, and diabetes. These side effects can be dangerous so be aware before you start taking any new supplement. However, in many cases, these side effects are not serious enough to warrant immediate withdrawal. Diarrhoea Cranberry juice is rich in…