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Who is the Cranberry Juice Guy?




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Who is the Cranberry Juice Guy?

where is cranberry juice guy from

You’ve probably seen the cranberry juice guy, but do you know who he is? I’ve been trying to find out for a while. It’s Nathan Apodaca. I think I have some interesting facts about him. The guy actually owns a cranberry truck!

Nathan Apodaca

Nathan Apodaca, a 37-year old from Idaho Falls, Idaho, became viral after posting a TikTok video in which he skated while listening Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” song and drinking Ocean Spray Cranberry juice. His video has gained him a worldwide fan following.

A few years ago, he was working in a potato warehouse and his truck broke down on the side of the road. He was left stranded and had a skateboard, as well as a bottle Ocean Spray Cranberry juice, in his truck. While the truck was parked, Apodaca decided to ride his skateboard to work instead of getting into a stuck vehicle.

cranberry juice guy

An Idaho-born skateboarder became a viral sensation last year when he posted a video in which he was drinking cranberry juice and lip-syncing Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” while driving. He now has over 3 million Instagram followers and nearly 7 million TikTok fans.

Nathan Apodaca, a man who lived in an RV without running water, made a viral video using TikTok while hitchhiking from his potato warehouse job. It quickly surpassed the one million-like mark and spawned hundreds of copycat videos. Ocean Spray representatives visited his Idaho home to give him a bottle. His video has earned him many endorsements, including commercials with Snoop Dogg. He has even been invited to President Joe Biden’s “virtual inauguration” parade.

Cranberry truck

A podaca, a YouTuber who specializes in cranberry-raspberry-juice videos, was recently gifted a truck by Ocean Spray. Ocean Spray sent the truck with a bed containing bottles of their product. The truck is used by him to talk about his Native and Mexican heritage. His videos have been viewed over 100 million times.

The video was a huge success, with over 33 million views in one day. The video received reactions from Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Mick Fleetwood, and Cheech Marin. After the success of the video, Ocean Spray decided to reward Apodaca with a brand new Nissan Titan PRO-4X truck. Ocean Spray said that the video brought joy to their employees during a difficult year. In addition to this viral success, Apodaca is currently embarking on a new TV series based on the life of a warehouse worker, “Reservation Dogs.” He plays Uncle Charley in three episodes.

cranberry truck’s location

The cranberry guy is on the move and is making waves with his new truck. Ocean Spray gifted him a brand new truck. They have been big supporters of the cranberry juice industry. He has a truck with a bed that is filled with bottles of the drink. He plans to sell them all.

The cranberry juice guy lives in Idaho Falls. After a video went viral last year, the Idaho-based skateboarder Nathan (@doggface208) decided to lip-sing Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” while on his way to work. Since then, Nathan has gained a huge following, with over 3 million Instagram followers and almost seven million TikTok followers.

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