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How To Activate Orange Juice Nba 2k17




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As a die-hard NBA 2K17 gamer, I am always on the lookout for new features that can help me improve my gameplay and give me an edge over my opponents. One such feature is the Orange Juice feature, which allows players to control two characters simultaneously, enhancing their performance on the court.

In this article, I will guide you through the process of activating the Orange Juice feature and give you tips on how to master it.

The Orange Juice feature is a game-changer, and it’s essential to understand how it works and how to use it to your advantage. With this feature, you can control two players at the same time, allowing you to execute more complex moves and create more scoring opportunities.

However, activating Orange Juice is not as simple as pressing a button. It requires building chemistry between the two players and mastering the Orange Juice meter, which indicates when the feature is ready to be activated.

In the following sections, I will explain how to do all of these things and give you a comprehensive guide to activating Orange Juice in NBA 2K17.

Key Takeaways

  • Building chemistry between Justice Young and Denver Levins is crucial in activating Orange Juice.
  • The Orange Juice meter fills up as players complete certain actions, and once it’s full, players can activate Orange Juice for a temporary boost in performance and special moves.
  • Effective communication and teamwork strategies are essential in mastering the Orange Juice feature.
  • Strategic positioning is crucial for success when using Orange Juice, and mastering the feature requires practice and dedication.

What is the Orange Juice feature in NBA 2K17?

Curious about the Orange Juice feature in NBA 2K17? Let me break it down for you: it’s a dynamic duo system between your MyPlayer and his best friend, Justice Young.

The Orange Juice feature allows the two players to work together in a more effective way, increasing their in-game chemistry and overall performance. The benefits of using Orange Juice are numerous, including the ability to execute more complex plays, increase the likelihood of scoring, and gain more assists.

In comparison to other in-game features, Orange Juice stands out due to its unique dynamic between the two players. It’s not just a simple boost to attributes, but rather a system that allows for more strategic and tactical play.

In order to activate Orange Juice, you will need to play as both your MyPlayer and Justice Young in the same game. So, if you want to take your game to the next level, make sure to have these two players in your starting lineup.

The two players you need for Orange Juice

To activate the Orange Juice feature in NBA 2K17, you need two players on your team: Justice Young and Denver Levins.

Justice Young is a shooting guard who’s known for his agility and scoring ability. Denver Levins is a point guard who excels in passing and playmaking. Together, they form a dynamic duo on the court that can lead your team to victory.

Who are Justice Young and Denver Levins?

If you’re a fan of NBA 2K17, you already know that Justice Young and Denver Levins are the dynamic duo that will take your MyCareer mode to the next level. These two characters have their own unique backstories that add depth to the game’s character development.

Justice Young is an up-and-coming shooting guard who is known for his natural talent and flashy style. He grew up in a rough neighborhood and had to work hard to make it to the NBA.

On the other hand, Denver Levins is a point guard who is more cerebral and strategic. He comes from a family of basketball players and has always had a passion for the game.

The impact of the Orange Juice feature on NBA 2K17 gameplay cannot be overstated. By activating this feature, players can take control of both Justice and Denver at the same time, allowing for more coordinated and effective play. This feature has become an essential part of player strategies, especially for those who want to dominate in MyCareer mode.

So, what are their strengths on the court? We’ll explore that in the next section.

What are their strengths on the court?

Justice and Denver are a deadly combination on the court, with Justice’s natural talent and flashy style complementing Denver’s strategic approach to the game. When it comes to offensive strengths, Justice is a scoring machine. He has a quick first step, great ball handling skills, and can shoot from anywhere on the court. Denver, on the other hand, is a master at recognizing defensive weaknesses and exploiting them. He’s great at setting up his teammates for easy baskets and is a reliable three-point shooter.

Defensively, Justice’s quickness allows him to stay in front of his opponent and disrupt their game. Denver, on the other hand, is a smart defender who can anticipate his opponent’s moves and make timely steals. While they both have individual skills that make them dangerous players, their teamwork is what sets them apart. They have a great chemistry on the court, with Justice’s flashy style and Denver’s strategic approach complementing each other perfectly. This chemistry allows them to make plays that other players wouldn’t even consider, resulting in some spectacular moments on the court. Building chemistry between the players is crucial, and Justice and Denver have it in spades.

Building chemistry between the players

Creating a strong bond between teammates is imperative for elevating their performance on the court in NBA 2K17. Player communication and teamwork strategies are essential in building chemistry between the players.

As a player, I’ve found that effective communication is the key to success in any basketball game. When players are able to communicate effectively, they can anticipate each other’s moves and execute their plays with precision.

Teamwork strategies are also crucial in building chemistry between the players. Players must learn to work together and trust each other’s skills to achieve their goals. As a team, we’ve found that practicing our plays and analyzing our opponents’ strategies have helped us develop a more cohesive approach to the game.

By working together and communicating effectively, we’ve been able to achieve success on the court.

By building a strong bond between teammates through effective communication and teamwork strategies, players can activate the orange juice meter in NBA 2K17. The orange juice meter is a feature in the game that allows two players to activate a special ability when they play together.

To activate this feature, players must first build a strong bond between them by communicating effectively and working together as a team. With the orange juice meter, players can elevate their performance on the court and achieve success in the game.

The Orange Juice meter

As we’ve previously discussed, building chemistry between players is crucial in NBA 2K17. One way to achieve this is through the Orange Juice Strategy, which involves controlling two players at once to maximize their potential. But what exactly is the Orange Juice meter and how does it affect gameplay?

The Orange Juice meter is a bar that appears on the screen when two players are using the Orange Juice Strategy. The meter fills up as the players successfully complete certain actions, such as assists or alley-oops. Once the meter is full, the players can activate Orange Juice, which gives them a temporary boost in performance and allows for special moves.

Using Orange Juice in Competitive Play can give you a significant advantage over your opponent. It can make your players faster, stronger, and more accurate, giving you a better chance of winning the game. However, it’s important to use this strategy wisely and not rely on it too heavily. It’s also important to note that the Orange Juice meter can deplete quickly, so it’s crucial to make the most of it while it lasts.

Now that we understand the Orange Juice meter and its significance in gameplay, let’s dive into the steps for activating Orange Juice.

Activating Orange Juice

So, let’s talk about how to activate the Orange Juice feature in NBA 2K17. When you’re playing MyCareer mode, this feature allows you to merge your player with another player on your team, and it can really help you dominate on the court.

To activate it, you need to build up a good relationship with the other player, then press and hold the L1/LB button to bring up the menu. From there, select the Orange Juice option and you’re good to go!

Once it’s activated, you’ll see a cool animation and your player will have a huge boost to their abilities.

How to activate the feature

To activate the feature, simply navigate to the options menu and select the ‘Orange Juice’ tab. From there, you’ll be able to turn on the feature and begin experiencing its benefits.

Orange Juice is a unique feature in NBA 2K17 that allows you to control both your player and your teammate on the court simultaneously. This can be incredibly advantageous when trying to coordinate plays or execute strategies.

To make the most of Orange Juice, it’s important to communicate with your teammate and coordinate your movements. With the ability to control two players at once, you’ll be able to make faster passes, set up better shots, and make more effective plays. Additionally, you can use Orange Juice to take advantage of your teammate’s strengths, allowing you to work together to dominate the court.

With these tips in mind, activating Orange Juice can significantly enhance your gameplay and lead to more successful matches.

Once you have activated Orange Juice, you’ll notice a difference in the way you play. By controlling both your player and your teammate, you’ll be able to make faster, more precise movements and set up better plays. This can be incredibly helpful in high-intensity moments when timing is crucial.

With Orange Juice, you’ll be able to work together with your teammate to dominate the court, creating a more cohesive and effective team. So, if you’re looking to take your gameplay to the next level, be sure to activate Orange Juice and start reaping its benefits.

What happens when it’s activated

When enabled, the Orange Juice feature in NBA 2K17 allows players to control multiple characters simultaneously, resulting in smoother and more strategic gameplay. Here are three benefits of activating Orange Juice:

  1. Improved ball movement: With Orange Juice, players can pass the ball with greater accuracy and speed, leading to more effective offensive plays. The ability to control two players at once also allows for more creative passing options, making it easier to find open teammates.

  2. Increased scoring opportunities: By controlling two players at once, players can create more scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates. With Orange Juice, players can set screens, make cuts, and run pick-and-rolls with greater precision, leading to more open shots and higher-percentage scoring chances.

  3. Enhanced defensive capabilities: With the ability to control two players at once, players can cover more ground on defense, making it easier to switch and rotate on screens. This leads to better defensive positioning and more opportunities for steals and deflections.

Understanding the impact of Orange Juice on player performance is key to mastering this feature. By activating Orange Juice, players can take their gameplay to the next level, and unlock new levels of strategy and skill.

Mastering the Orange Juice feature

You can become a pro at using the Orange Juice feature in NBA 2K17 by practicing and mastering the controls. Effective communication and strategic positioning are key factors in mastering this feature. You need to ensure that you are always in sync with your teammate and that you are positioned in a way that maximizes your chances of scoring.

To effectively use the Orange Juice feature, you need to learn how to communicate with your teammate effectively. This means using the right button combinations to call for a pass or to signal for a pick and roll. You also need to be aware of your teammate’s location on the court so that you can make the most of any opportunities to score. Strategic positioning is also crucial for success. You need to be in the right place at the right time to receive a pass or to take a shot. This means being able to read the game and anticipate your opponent’s moves. By mastering these skills, you can take full advantage of the Orange Juice feature and dominate on the court.

Advantages of the Orange Juice feature include increased teamwork and a higher chance of scoring. With effective communication and strategic positioning, you and your teammate can create more scoring opportunities and increase your chances of winning the game. The Orange Juice feature is a powerful tool that can help you take your game to the next level, but it requires practice and dedication to master. By putting in the time and effort, you can become a pro at using this feature and take your game to new heights.

Advantages of the Orange Juice feature

The Orange Juice feature offers a significant advantage to players who can effectively communicate and position themselves strategically on the court. With this feature, players can activate a dual player control system that allows them to work together seamlessly. This improved teamwork can lead to enhanced gameplay, resulting in a better chance of winning matches.

One of the advantages of the Orange Juice feature is that it allows you to control two players at once. This means that you can take advantage of your teammate’s skills and abilities, allowing you to create plays and strategies that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. By working together, you can create a dynamic duo that can dominate the court and outplay your opponents.

Furthermore, the Orange Juice feature allows you to control your teammate’s movements and actions, which can give you an edge over your opponents.

However, despite its advantages, the Orange Juice feature has its limitations. One of the main limitations is that it requires a certain level of communication and coordination between the two players. Without effective communication, the feature can be more of a hindrance than a help.

Additionally, the feature can be difficult to master, and it may take some time to get used to controlling two players at once. Nevertheless, with practice and patience, you can take advantage of the Orange Juice feature to enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of winning.

Limitations of the Orange Juice feature

Despite its benefits, using the Orange Juice feature requires effective communication and coordination between both players to be successful. This feature allows two players to control both their own and their teammate’s player on the court. However, it can be challenging to master this feature without practicing and improving communication skills. Players must learn to work together and anticipate each other’s moves to make effective use of Orange Juice.

To improve Orange Juice, players can practice passing the ball back and forth to each other and communicating their intended movements. They can also experiment with different strategies and play styles to find what works best for them. By expanding their possibilities and trying new things, players can increase their chances of success with Orange Juice.

Moving on to other game features to consider, players should also explore the various customization options available in NBA 2K17. From creating their own player to designing their own team, there are many ways to make the game uniquely theirs. Additionally, players may want to try out different game modes, such as MyCareer or MyTeam, to experience different aspects of the game.

Other game features to consider

Exploring the various customization options and game modes can enhance your overall NBA 2K17 experience and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game. While the Orange Juice feature may be a popular choice among players, it is important to remember that there are other game features that can add value to your gameplay. For instance, multiplayer benefits are a great way to interact with other players and compete in online matches. This feature allows you to challenge other players, build a team, and earn rewards for your achievements. By participating in multiplayer matches, you can also improve your skills and learn new strategies from other players.

In addition, in-game purchases are another way to enhance your gameplay. These purchases can unlock new features, upgrades, and bonuses that can improve your overall performance. However, it is important to note that in-game purchases should be used wisely and within your budget. While they can provide a short-term benefit, relying too heavily on in-game purchases can lead to a less satisfying long-term experience. By balancing your use of in-game purchases with other features and modes, you can create a personalized NBA 2K17 experience that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Interact with other players Unlock new features
Compete in online matches Upgrade your performance
Build a team Receive bonuses
Earn rewards Use wisely within your budget
Improve skills and learn strategies Balance with other features to become a successful player in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specific benefits of using the Orange Juice feature in NBA 2K17?

Using Orange Juice in NBA 2K17’s MyCareer mode maximizes the player’s abilities. Activating it with one player increases the meter and provides benefits such as improved shot accuracy, speed, and stamina. It’s a game-changer for any serious player.

Is it possible to activate Orange Juice with just one player instead of two?

Single player activation of Orange Juice is not possible as it requires two players. However, there are alternatives such as activating Hot Zones or calling for screens to increase your player’s performance.

Can Orange Juice be used in all game modes, including online multiplayer?

When playing NBA 2K17, Orange Juice can be used in all game modes, including online multiplayer. However, its effectiveness in competitive play has pros and cons. It’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before using it.

Are there any other requirements besides building chemistry between the two players to activate Orange Juice?

To activate orange juice in NBA 2K17, building chemistry between two players is essential. However, besides this, there are no other requirements. To improve chemistry, use team chemistry strategies and player communication.

How does the Orange Juice meter work and how can it be maximized for optimal gameplay?

Maximizing the Orange Juice meter in NBA 2K17 requires understanding its mechanics. Playing well together on the court, taking smart shots, and making good passes all contribute to building the meter. Once activated, Orange Juice allows for unique, powerful co-op moves.


In conclusion, activating the Orange Juice feature in NBA 2K17 can give you a significant advantage in the game. By building chemistry between your MyPlayer and Justice Young, you can activate the Orange Juice meter, which allows you to perform unique and powerful moves.

However, mastering this feature requires practice and patience to unleash its full potential. But remember, the Orange Juice feature is just one of many game features to consider. Don’t rely solely on it to win the game.

As in real life, teamwork, strategy, and practice are essential in achieving success. So, keep exploring the game and honing your skills to become a formidable player. As the famous basketball coach John Wooden once said, "It’s not about being the best. It’s about being better than you were yesterday."

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